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‘Self-employment’ in Puerto Rico continues upward trend

Oct 22, 2015 by

For the past five years, the percentage of employed respondents who consider themselves self-employed has continually increased, with men and older adults representing many of these new entrepreneurs, according to this week’s Gaither International survey. Employed respondents are those who identify their current employment situations as one of the following: full-time employee, part-time employee, private-sector […]

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Facebook continues to dominate social-network use in Puerto Rico

Oct 15, 2015

Facebook, the online social-network service, continues to grow among social-network users in Puerto Rico, according to this week’s Gaither International survey. During 2013, Facebook had already captured 81% of these users. However, so far during 2015, it has increased that percentage to 86% of the island’s social-network users. Overall, Facebook’s daily user base in Puerto […]

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Nearly half of internet users spend 1 hour or more daily online

Oct 09, 2015

Mainly ‘high lifestyle’ group, teens and Millennials Forty-five percent (45%) of internet users in Puerto Rico spent at least one hour or more during the past 24 hours browsing the internet, according to this week’s Gaither International survey. This percentage has remained virtually unchanged when compared to last year, when the same 45% of users […]

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Banco Popular remains No. 1 financial institution in Puerto Rico

Oct 01, 2015

Co-ops gaining market share Banco Popular is staying strong as the leading financial institution for most Puerto Rico residents, according to this week’s Gaither International survey. “For Banco Popular, I think there are a number of factors at play, including but not limited to the history of the institution and the number of branches and […]

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Fewer residents traveling outside Puerto Rico

Sep 24, 2015

With Puerto Rico mired in a long-term economic crisis, it seems only the lucky few have the means to travel outside the island, according to this week’s Gaither International survey. So far during 2015, 13% of respondents have said they have traveled outside Puerto Rico during the past year. This represents a two-percentage point decrease […]

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