Facebook continues to dominate social-network use in Puerto Rico

Oct 15, 2015 by

Facebook, the online social-network service, continues to grow among social-network users in Puerto Rico, according to this week’s Gaither International survey. During 2013, Facebook had already captured 81% of these users. However, so far during 2015, it has increased that percentage to 86% of the island’s social-network users.

Overall, Facebook’s daily user base in Puerto Rico has increased to about 1.25 million people— up from 1 million in 2013, Gaither reported.

Even though Facebook’s user base is older on average than that of other networks such as Instagram and Twitter, Facebook still remains dominant among teen users ages 12 to 17. Among that group, 80% said they used Facebook during the past 24 hours, 29% used Instagram and 6% Twitter.

Instagram has grown among teens from 25% in 2013, while Twitter has decreased from 10% in 2013. Among adults in general, the same trend holds true, with Instagram gaining users and Twitter losing some.

Social-network users have been growing very sfacebooook cblowly among respondents 55 and older, which is consistent with older adults generally not considered regular online users. F
or example, during 2013, only 6% of them said they had used a social network during the previous 24 hours. This percentage has only increased to 9% in 2015, Gaither reported. However, Facebook has seen significant growth among that group. During 2013, 64% of them had used Facebook during the previous 24 hours. For 2015, this percentage has jumped to 76%.

“Among its users, Facebook is considered the central hub for social communication and personal news,” said Oscar Castro, a research analyst at Gaither International. For example, he said someone may think, “I haven’t heard from this person in quite a while. I’ll Facebook him to see how he’s doing.”

Meanwhile, Instagram has more influence among young people because of its focus on the “photo social aspect,” which could potentially scare off more “adult” users because of its limited features, Castro indicated. “Twitter is a bit more complex, where all posts are limited to 140 characters. Twitter and Instagram’s main aspect is to promote the users’ influence among others. Facebook also utilizes this aspect, but it is also the best way to ‘keep-in-touch’ with another person,” he added.

The results are from Gaither International’s Media Brand Profiles tracking survey, which interviews more than 80 people daily from among a representative sample of Puerto Rico’s population ages 12 and older.

Facebook has become so popular that it is now a better medium than television in terms of reaching Latinos and Millennials, the latter of whom are generally defined as those born between the early 1980s and early 2000s, according to a recent article in Advertising Age. These two groups are among the fastest-growing and “most coveted demographics” for companies and their brands.

“They are also among the demos most likely to include families with children, particularly coveted by packaged-goods marketers selling everything from diapers to food for home use— because families with kids buy more of each,” Ad Age states.