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Upcoming Course #5: Database Platforms


Date: Thursday, August 30, 2018

Guest Speaker: Alejandro Baer (FirstBank) How to use the Marketing Plan

Instructor: Gilberto Castro / Luis Burset

Course Outline: 

  • MBP Training and Interaction
  • Segmentation by Demographics and Regions
  • Integration with other brands
  • Integration with other industries
  • Integrating with other Research Studies
  • Integrating Research Studies with Internal Company Data

And more….


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Review Presentations from Previous Courses



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The main objective of Gaither University is to share with the Advertising, Marketing and Media industry a review of the basic concepts of different types of Market Research. This course is for executives of all industries that are in need of conducting traditional or digital research.



This course is for executives of all industries that are in need of conducting traditional or digital research. Every executive who is actively involved or wants to learn more about the market research process in any type of industry that involves consumer study, will greatly benefit from the courses offered by Gaither University. Additionally, any person who is responsible for making business decisions with the purpose of improving the competitive position of their brands, should consider these courses as a tool to ameliorate the knowledge of their markets. Finally, all executives who are not completely familiarized with the basic facts of marketing research will understand why it is important to gather information from the market, and how to turn that information into business actions.



At the end of this course, the persons will be able to:

  1. Understand the importance of market research, and the when and where to do it.
  2. Grasp the basic understanding about the scope and limitations of the different types of research.
  3. Know the basic theory of preparing a questionnaire to avoid the basic mistakes of designing misleading questions or those that do not answer the real objective of the investigation.
  4. Learn about the initial concepts of the different types of research, when to use each, and which one is the most adequate for your investigation’s objective.
  5. Understand how to design a sample that is representative of the market under study, and the practical problems of their field implementation.
  6. Learn how to gather the external sources of information that are relevant to their investigation.
  7. Identify and select research topics that they will like to acquire a deeper understanding in future investigations.


Gaither University’s initial semester will be divided into 7 monthly sessions of 2.5 hours each. Those sessions will be conducted at Gaither’s facilities the last Thursday of every month, (The only exception will be Unit #1, that will be conducted on Wednesday April 11th). The courses will be imparted by top executives of Gaither International. Additionally, we will have the assistance of reputed experts who will share with us their valuable experience on every research subject.


Lectures will be the technique utilized for this educational program. Marketing and Advertising industry peers will be invited to share case studies about how research helped them make the best decisions, or identify consumer insights for their advertising.