Qualitative Research Facilities

Gaither Plaza - Antonio Paoli (mid)Qualitative research is a quick and effective way to get a feeling for what is going on with your consumers, to better understand the opportunities and barriers among each consumer segment, to identify motivators for usage, and to evaluate product, packaging and advertising concepts.

Gaither offers clients three different qualitative research rooms.  Each room provides a Gesell chamber, or one-way floor-to-ceiling mirror to allow clients to experience the session without being seen by participants. One of the rooms is laid out as a lounge; it is ideal for a more personal and related discussion, as it reproduces the ambiance of a living room.

One room is set-up as an executive meeting room; it is ideal for groups among business professionals, doctors, and other high end participants.

The third room is prepared as a standard focus group room.

Full service includes:  recruitment of participants as per project specifications, development of moderation guide, moderation of sessions, payment of participation incentives, and a summary report of the results.  Client meals are also available.

On a stand-alone basis, we also provide complete recruitment services, and rental of the focus group rooms and facilities.

Each room is equipped to record the sessions or to broadcast them via live streaming.

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