Test Kitchen

A brand new test kitchen with three fully-equipped stations is available for you. All of our appliances are new top notch, national brands.

The test kitchen is ideal for testing new products, as well as to compare products in taste, flavor, texture and appearance.  It also allows you to taste new recipes utilizing your products alone or in combination with potential partners.  In addition, you may test New Menus for Restaurants, Bring your own chef or use our Chef to create new recipes. The Test Kitchen can also be used for the production of Audiovisuals, TV Spots, Shows, Infomercials, Photo Shoots sessions, and Press Conferences.

The kitchen is located next to our 40 foot Wet Bar, Auditorium and qualitative research rooms, providing the convenience of tables, one-way mirrors, and facilities to monitor the tests, using video recording and live streaming, among other available services.

Contact us today to discuss your plans and obtain a proposal and quotation.  Press here.