Quantitative Research

A survey designed to provided the characteristics of a given population. Normally done for a specific purpose.

Gaither’s Quantitative Division:


Research you can trust.  Gaither’s Quantitative Division has carried out over 1,500 studies for nearly 500 clients in over 300 different research fields.
•  Proven track record.  It is the company’s oldest division, having achieved Preferred Supplier Status by numerous international companies, such as: Procter & Gamble, Clorox, Kellogg’s, Anheuser- Busch, and Banco Popular de Puerto Rico, among many others.
•  First-rate quality control.   Over 20% of fieldwork supervised at every stage.
•  Unparalleled field department.   All of our quantitative projects benefit from our world-class field department, with over 150 in-house field research professionals trained at Gaither’s headquarters. 80% are college educated with 5 yrs. average experience in the industry.

Most common types of surveys:

Attitude and Usage Studies Satisfaction Surveys Public Opinion Research
Image Research Advertising Research Superiority Claims
Product Category Advertising Impact Studies Legal Cases
Brand Communication Checks Pricing Studies
Personality Day- After Recall (DAR’s) Medical Research
Ethical Product Testing Viewer
Habits & Practices Studies In-Home Listener
Market Segmentation Studies Central Location Reader
Psychographic Research

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