Syndicated Research

Always wanted the bigger picture on what’s growing on in the market?

Syndicated research can be used to pick up important base-line information about the market size and target market composition for your new product. You can keep up to date on the changes occurring in the industry that you are already part of, so you can stay ahead of the game and meet the market as it comes around the next corner.

Gaither has developed several syndicated research projects since 1994, some of them becoming industry standards:

  • The Annual Financial  Studies for Individuals and Mid-sized Industries.
  • Telecommunications
  • The Brand Tracker
  • Media Brand Preferences
  • Reputation Institute
  • Mystery Shopper


Gaither is proud to present the MBP–Media Brand Profiles–, an ongoing consumer-based tracking survey that measures and monitors media exposure and brand consumption. And help you build sound consumer segment profiles.

Add state-of-the-art technology for data collection, continuous web-based reporting, and custom features to the equation and you’ve got yourself a tool like you’ve never seen before. Click the MBP logo to find out more.