What is the MBP

√  Media exposure of all major outlets including, alternative media, and mobile

√  Brand preferences coupled with media exposure

√  Unprecedented consumer profiles including demographics, personal finances, & living and lifestyle preferences

√  Customizable – ability to add on exclusive questions or categories through our ongoing Omnibus

Sample flexibility…

√   80 face-to-face interviews per day among a representative sample of population aged 12 +

√   Over 30,000 interviews / yr

√   Sample may vary depending on the category

√   25 minutes questionnaire designed by expert researchers

√   Data collected through Android tablets!

√   Database updated daily

Web-Based Results…

√   Continuous, interactive reporting

√   Robust & user friendly web-based platform

√   Real-time results (daily synchronization of interviews on to platform)

For more information contact Gaither International at (787)728-­‐5757 or email mbp@gaitherinternational.com 

You can download this PDF or view a full presentation about MBP

Download PDF MBP Presentation